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GetFactored.com Get Cash Now for your Invoices.
Get Cash Now for your Invoices.

Why Use GetFactored?

GetFactored.com is the only online factoring marketplace where factoring companies compete for your business and you choose the offer that's right for you. Whether you have used factoring before or this is your first time, GetFactored.com can make the process clear, simple, and understandable.

Our unique marketplace was created to...
  • provide you with the easiest, most convenient way to get factoring you will ever experience ...
  • let you choose an offer from up to four of the nation's top-rated, most recognized factoring companies...
  • provide you with great rates and terms...
  • put you in complete control of the factoring process.

Our site is designed to make the factoring process as stress-free as possible - eliminating valuable wasted time spent searching for the most competitive offers that meets your needs.

Here's how it works:

1. Read all about factoring on the site.

2. Fill out our Client Profile. We will search our database of factoring companies to fit your needs.

3. Your request will be forwarded to multiple factoring companies. Within 48 hours you will receive up to four offers. You choose the factor with the best rate & terms.

4. Start getting your CASH IMMEDIATELY!

Click here to fill out a Client Profile and start getting your cash immediately.

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