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GetFactored.com Get Cash Now for your Invoices.
Get Cash Now for your Invoices.

The security of your information is our first priority at GetFactored.com. We have taken extraordinary measures to make sure that the information you send to us is only seen by authorized people. Our state-of-the-art security technologies are designed so that no one will see your personal information except you and authorized factoring companies.

Secure Web Pages
All the pages on our web site that ask for your financial information are delivered to your browser through HTTPS, a secure server communications layer. You can check this encryption by looking for the key (Netscape) or lock (Internet Explorer) icon on your browser. If your browser’s security feature has been turned on, a pop up box will notify you when you enter a secure page.

Your personal financial information is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Technology. SSL does not allow anyone to intercept and read your personal information. When you send your information to us, SSL encrypts it (translates the data into a string of gibberish characters). Only we can decode the gibberish.

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