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GetFactored.com Get Cash Now for your Invoices.
Get Cash Now for your Invoices.

Affiliate Program

The Getfactored.com affiliate program is free to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for you without any cost or obligation on your part. You must operate/own a website to be part of this Affiliate Program.

Affiliate LoginIf your website caters to business to any size this will show them how to finance their business without borrowing. As you know, cash flow is the main reason for success or failure in business.

By simply referring your visitors to Getfactored.com you will earn $75 for every funded factoring application. Your site can generate an extra $375 - $525 a month even if your site has low traffic counts. Sites with higher traffic can easily earn up to $750 - $1125 a month when you directly refer to Getfactored.com!

How You Get Paid:

When you place either simple text links or banners on your site to our website, you get paid referral fees for every funded applicaltion.

Not only will you get paid $75 for each funded referral from your site - if you recommend people to our affiliate program and they join, you automatically receive a sub-referral bonus of $20 per funded application that they refer!

Becoming a Getfactored.com affiliate is hassle-free and costs you nothing. Immediately after signing up, you will be provided with proven Getfactored.com text links and banners. Once a month, you will be sent a check for the funded referrals that have clicked through from your site!

Here are some reasons why people are joining us:

  • You can join for FREE!
  • Add a free service to benefit your visitors.
  • Get started today - within 10 minutes after applying, you will have access to everything you need to promote Getfactored.com.
  • If someone visits our site and does not apply and get funded today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next 6 months and gets funded, you still earn your $75 referral fee!
  • Track your earnings in Real Time!
  • You will receive an email every time someone gets funded through you.

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